MSS 19 - The 'Platt' (or Plot) of The Second Part of the Seven Deadly Sins 1612-1626.

This plot outlines the action of the play by Richard Tarleton, with the names of the performers, including Richard Burbage, Thomas Pope, Richard Cowley, Augustine Phillips, William Sly, Robert Pallant, and 'Ned', that is, Edward Alleyn. It is entitled on the outside ' The Booke and Platt', etc, suggesting it was copied from the 'book' (or 'promptbook' in modern terms) of the play.

The plot of the first part of the play, which probably dealt with Pride, Gluttony, Wrath and Covetousness, has not survived. As Tarleton was buried on September 3, 1588, the second part must have been composed before that date.

The plot is written in a large, clear hand, most likely that of a company scribe or 'book-keeper', on a sheet of paper measuring 16 x 12 inches, with a hole in the centre near the top for the nail or peg by which it was suspended in the theatre. When found at Dulwich, it formed the cover of the play of The Telltale, MSS 20. See the Digital Essays.

(Note: although the document itself is a single sheet, three images have been taken of each side, hence 1A, B, & C recto and 1A, B, & C verso.)